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Top 5 Restaurants near Bahria Enclave

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is one of the projects of Bahria Town Islamabad, a fist ever planned community development program of its kind. Malik Riaz is not unknown to any Pakistani; he is a real estate business tycoon credited with the launch of Bahria Town, which is no doubt a very rewarding project in terms of returns on investments.
What makes Bahria Enclave a top-notch place for families residing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad? This state-of-the-art society has everything one is looking for in an ideal living place. From world-class education to outstanding entertainment points, from well-established hospitals to uninterrupted electric power supply, the Bahria enclave has much more for its residents. 
Since Islamabadians are exceptionally specific with regards to their food, Bahria Enclave has an entire scope of cafés. Here I am posting the best 5 eateries dependent on their surveys and individual encounters but there are many options of properties for sale Rawalpindi.
You name anything, and Bahria Enclave will provide you. This is the main reason people consider it an honor to have a plot in Bahria Town. Just imagine that you are living in a luxurious house and have everything you dream or wish to have. You are having a walk on green gardens and driving on a carpeted road. 
Your dream can become true now! I am talking about the Bahria Enclave, the leading housing society of Pakistan. Within a few years, Bahria Enclave has developed a unique name all over the world. You can find everything according to your unique preferences in sports, leisure, and community building and socializing within the Bahria Enclave. 
Whether you are young needing a gymnasium, swimming pool, or facility for an evening walk or you are a senior citizen desirous of the quite lush green garden for an early walk, Bahria Enclave has it all just for you. Here are some of the perks offered by Bahria Enclave, which made it the best place to buy alive.


  1. Gloria Jean's Coffee

Gloria Jean's Coffee is the best choice for tea lovers. This special coffee house located near Bahria Enclave is a specialty coffeehouse chain offering variants of coffee and tea coupled with other yummy treats. It plays a major role in the coffee culture of Pakistan. Coffee lovers near Bahria Enclave and Islamabad are die hard fans of Gloria Jean's cafe and consider it a great place to have a chit chat with friends, or to get some tasks done in a calm place. 
The staff, ambiance, and food quality never disappoints. It is one of the best coffee spots, and you will go crazy over the coffee and lemon tart! I would highly recommend this! 
       2. Hot N Spicy Tonight
You can find Hot N Spicy To Night in Sector A Bahria Enclave. 
Their well-prepared taste filled fresh tikkas are very famous. You will get good value for money. With comfortable seating space good ambiance, this restaurant has earned a good name in a short period. People also like to handout at office lunchtimes. One more thing, you can pre-order and save your time. 
       3. Cafe Macaw
 As you enter Café Macaw, you will get the look of a posh restaurant. It is again one of the best dine-in places in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. The décor, ambiance, and food, everything is very eye-catching. On top of the list is the prices of the food they offer; they are very reasonable. This is something strange for a restaurant like Café Macaw. Besides, there is a fair variety to select from.
Other than the food, they will not fail to amaze you with efficient staff, captivating presentation, and comforting ambiance. 
Now, if you are a foodie and you see Bahria enclave Islamabad house for sale, go for it without any doubt. Because Bahria Town restaurants will never disappoint you. Below, I am listing two more top dine-in destinations for you
      4. Pizza Originale
Bahria Enclave is also the home to many pizzas and fast food chains. Pizza Originale is located in Sector C Bahria Enclave, avenue, Islamabad. Pizza is the ultimate food item for many. So, if you want to give yourself a pizza treat, or want to party with friends, Pizza Originale works extremely well. Pizza Originale is famous in town, known for its signature product i.e., pizza. Thankfully, we have Pizza Originale in Bharia Enclave and can give ourselves a great pizza party. The presence of Pizza Originale in Bahria Enclave uncovers the significance of this site.
Your life should not be limited to the luxury villa and house, but the location infrastructure must liberate you from all kinds of civic issues. By keeping this in mind, Bahria Enclave strives hard to ensure the value-added services and functioning of basic support within the comfort zone of your home.
Bahria Enclave provides you all luxuries which you are dreaming about, such as the uninterrupted supply of gas, water, electricity, and above all, a peaceful environment. Therefore, don't think and look for Bahria Enclave Islamabad house for sale and make your dream come true. 
    5. Whole Wheat Hut
Last but not least, Whole Wheat Hut, located in Sector E Bahria Enclave, has also earned a good name in no time. Residents near Bahria Enclave enjoy excellent dine-in, and quick home delivery services, plus they rate it as the finest spot for foodies in town. And another secret is quality coupled with quantity in sensible rates.
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